Cloud Assessment & Consultation

Cloud Migration and Optimization is one of the leading technology trends. It is essential to invest time and effort in assessing the business requirement & current workloads before deciding on your cloud journey. Saxonlabs’ ‘Cloud Assessment and Consultation’ team helps you with the right approach.

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Current Infrastructure Assessment

Cloud architects will take a deep dive into your current infrastructure to understand where the potential roadblocks are

Technology Challenge Assessment

Analysis of the technology challenges of cloud deployment in your current infrastructure

Strategic Planning
& Roadmap

Our architects will create a strategic roadmap of the entire cloud infrastructure deployment

Assess Before You Migrate/Optimize

Cloud migration is the need of the hour. Still, enterprises need answers to some questions such as selecting the best-fit cloud for business requirements, organizational costs & ROI, risk factors involved, and others. The best way to answer these questions is to design the cloud adoption strategy in advance with Saxonlabs Cloud Assessment and Consultation team.

Your Cloud Journey RoadMap

The best part of cloud infrastructure is its array of tools and technologies available at your disposal. Unlike other companies that might focus more on implementation and less on initial assessment, often resulting in crash-and-burn in cloud deployments, Saxonlab’s approach is with unique core attributes viz. “Attention to detail” and “Innovative Assessment Methodologies.” Our cloud technology architects will prepare your organization’s strategic cloud technology roadmap to turn your vision into reality. We ensure that cloud technology is aligned with your business objectives.

Our Cloud Assessment and Consultation Includes

  • Prioritization/Sequence of workloads for cloud migration
  • Recommendations wrt Security, Performance/Storage optimization and Cost savings
  • Comprehensive pathway to cloud migration viz, Scope and execution strategy, Dimensional analysis, Cloud deployment roadmap
  • Cost comparison metrics of Datacenter solutions Vs.Cloud solutions along with the cost-benefit analysis
  • Recommendations on reduced licensing costs
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