Customize a Cloud Solution That Meets Your Needs

Your Cloud Assessment should start with great tools and expertise. Saxonlabs has partnerships with AWS, Azure & Snowflake and utilizes state-of-the-art cloud assessment tools and to prepare a solution that best fits your needs. Whether your organization needs cloud solution services to build a complete disaster recovery plan or to drive a total cloud infrastructure migration, we have worked with both small and enterprise accounts and can customize a solution that meets your needs.

How Does a Cloud Assessment Work?

  • Business stakeholder interviews are conducted to ensure strategic visions and top business functions are detailed.
  • A 3-tiered classification model is utilized with the data points necessary to detail which servers and applications can be migrated immediately, which need more research, and which need to stay on premise.
  • All existing inventory warranty status and mandatory spend is identified.
  • A summary of complex applications and all included components is provided.
  • Cloud recommendations are outlined.
  • An ROI analysis is created based on cloud recommendations

What You Will Receive With a Cloud Assessment

During the cloud assessment process, we work through the cloud assessment checklist to verify the integrity of your environment and how it is responding to various scenarios. While there are large number of services used for cloud computing, our checklist accounts for all the important pillars of the framework, ensuring we’ve always got you covered.

  • Recommendations for Cloud based on experience and data points gathered by Cloud Assessment.
  • ROI Analysis & recommendations of tier 1 & tier 2 business applications.
  • Roadmap, timelines and schedule to adopt Cloud computing.
  • Recommendations for SaaS as requirements are aligned to save, spend, and increase value.

Benefits of a Cloud Assessment

  • Saxonlabs provides all of the tools needed to inventory customer equipment, including server capacity.
  • Reduces overall cost.
  • Operational expense model saves on capital costs.
  • Helps align future spending by categorizing specific servers and applications while evolving the data center.
  • Integration ensures hybrid data using cloud behaves as a single location.
  • Cloud recommendations are agnostic and are provided to address each individual scenario.
  • Phased approach assures safety and security of all data.
  • Business stakeholders are top focus for all recommendations.
  • Increases business responsiveness.

Our Approach

We not only leverage the Tools and Techniques offered by AWS, but also do the assessment with customized questionnaire which enable us to do the detailed analysis of the existing customer environment & provide the most optimized recommendations.

Unlike other competitors who might focus more on implementation and less on initial assessment, resulting often crash-and-burn in cloud deployments.

  • Saxonlabs’ approach is with unique core attributes viz. “Attention to detail” and “Innovative Assessment Methodologies” which helps customers
    1. Doing cost-benefit analysis
    2. In high quality decision making
  • Saxonlabs provides dedicated and experienced professional(s) to do deep dive analysis on the existing customer environment which helps customers
    1. In effective way of interpreting data,facts and figures for futuristic approach towards business development
    2. Minimizing the interruption to customer’s business
  • Saxonlabs helps in exploring the opportunities with great ease.

  • Sample questionnaire is listed below. For the detailed checklist and assessment Please contact us at
    (972) 550-9346

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