Software Product Development

Requirement Analysis

A successful product launch is directly proportional to the depth of the requirement analysis. The quality of time, resources, and energy dedicated to perfecting this stage keeps the product development cycle a smooth journey. At Saxon labs, organizations can run proof of concepts to assess the real benefit of implementing a solution before scaling out and determine the RoI that can justify such technologies.

How we do it?

For us everything is a sprint and we extend the same approach to requirement analysis. Discovery Phase is a crucial activity which must precede or accompany the requirement analysis. The requirement analysis will encompass:

  • Project Scope Definition
  • Product Development Options
  • Delivery timeline
  • Business Value Evaluation
  • Technology choice selection
  • What do you get?

    Product Scope Definition

    Product Roadmap Document

    Product Specifications

    Product Development Plan

    Why is UI/UX so important for Product?

    Experience is Everything. User experience Design (UX) places the end-user at the focal point of design and development efforts, as opposed to the system, its applications or its aesthetic value alone. The requirement for an exemplary user experience (UX) is to meet the exact needs of the customer. One of the primary goals of product development is to create the best user experience.