I’m glad you’re here, and I am excited to welcome you to Saxonlabs personally. I want to tell you a bit more about who we are.

At Saxonlabs, we don’t do different things; we do things differently. There are hundreds of choices for you to pick from when you are looking for software services vendors, and you hear a thousand different promises from them. Our commitment, though, is straightforward – we want to be your trusted partner.

When you are deciding on a vendor, we will be a partner who will honestly let you know if we can do an excellent job for your project.

We value your time and money; hence we will get you started as quickly as possible.

If you are experiencing delivery issues, we will be a partner who will stand with you until we resolve your problem.

Our agile and scalable model helps you accelerate your business growth without having to worry about the tech team’s capability to meet the business needs.

We value relationships, and we want to keep our customer relationships for life. We work hard to earn them and work even harder to retain them.

We’re Saxon, and we’re in the business of creating better lives for people we serve.


Gopi Kandukuri

Founder & CEO